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Today’s Tuneage: Interpol



Occasionally I leave the comfortable den of iniquity that is the FITSNews world headquarters and venture forth into the real world. Usually it’s to hold some sort of subversive meeting, or to arrange a “drop” with one of my many informants … but sometimes there’s no purpose to the trip.

On such pointless outings I typically make my way to one of the many indistinguishable alternative coffee shops in downtown Columbia, S.C. – places where the girls are all tattooed, the coffee is twice as good as Starbucks and the music is always an adventure.

Places where they play songs like “Untitled” – the opening track off of New York City indie rock band Interpol’s 2002 debut album Turn On The Bright Lights. Never heard of Interpol before? Well, along with Muse they were among the bands chosen to open for U2 on the band’s 360 degrees tour. They released four albums from 2002-10 – all of them stellar post-punk offerings.

After a two-year hiatus, Interpol got back together in March of this year to begin writing and recording new tracks … with a new album expected soon.

Anyway, give ’em a listen and check out their official site here …