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SC Not Tracking Obamacare Cancellations



South Carolina is one of the states that is not tracking the number of health insurance policies canceled as a result of U.S. President Barack Obama’s socialized medicine law.

Why not? Good question …

However the Palmetto State is tracking the number of citizens who enrolled in Obamacare during its first month of implementation (assuming you accept the government’s definition of “enrolled,” anyway).

That total? 572.

Across the country 4.02 million people in 28 states lost coverage as a result of the new law – compared to only 106,185 who signed up for coverage on the government exchanges (in all fifty states), according to a new report in The Wall Street Journal.

Those terrible numbers prompted Obama to try and amend the law this week to give insurers another year to comply with its mandates – although it isn’t immediately clear whether he has the authority to do so.

Bottom line, though? In a clumsy, heavy-handed attempt to expand health care coverage via higher taxes, additional regulations and new mandates, so far Obamacare has succeeded in reducing the number of insured Americans by roughly 3.9 million.

Way to go, government …