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SC Gambling Poll In The Field



The issue of casino gambling on the coast of South Carolina is being tested in a poll of registered voters in the state, sources tell FITS.  Details regarding the survey – including who is doing the polling and who is receiving the answers – were not immediately available.

“It asked for my view on the governor’s race, the U.S. Senate races, casino gambling on the coast, video poker and the lottery,” a source who received the call tells FITS.

Specifically, the poll is said to ask whether respondents thought it was fair for government to ban private sector gaming “while running its own gambling operation in the form of the lottery.”

The poll also reportedly asked about the possibility of a third-party gubernatorial candidacy based around the gambling issue.

S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley has been a stalwart opponent of any private sector gambling in the Palmetto State. In fact she killed a 10,000-job project in the South Carolina Lowcountry on the basis of her moral objection to gambling.

Of course Haley has eagerly spent hundreds of millions of lottery dollars on nonsense like this … 

And this …

Democratic candidate Vincent Sheheen hasn’t taken a position on the issue.

This website supports the full legalization of all forms of gambling in South Carolina – and rejects ongoing efforts by government to solidify its monopoly over this sector of the economy.

“Our state can take a major step forward in terms of enhancing its competitiveness and employing more of its citizens by immediately legalizing private sector gambling,” we wrote recently.

Unfortunately, Haley remains adamantly opposed to the notion and there seems to be limited legislative appetite to do anything to defy her.

Oh well … in the event someone sends us the results of this survey, we’ll be sure to pass them along.