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S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley is vetoing two casino resorts that would have created a combined 10,000 new jobs in the Palmetto State –¬† preserving a state-run gambling monopoly that continues to blow its proceeds on big government boondoggles.

“We have had inquiries about the possibility of a Catawba casino going into the Low Country, specifically the Bluffton region,” Haley wrote late Tuesday evening on her Facebook page.

Ummm … first of all, its the Cherokees, not the Catawbas seeking to build this resort. Seriously, governor … get your Injuns correct.

Also, the proposed facility was planned for Hardeeville – not Bluffton.

Nonetheless … Haley made it perfectly clear that private sector gambling will not be tolerated in South Carolina, where state government began running an “Education Lottery” over a decade ago.

“I will not sign or support a casino in that area or anywhere else in South Carolina,” Haley continued. “We are focused on bringing manufacturing and industry to every part of the state.”


If that’s true then what about the Jasper Port project? You know … that’s the proposed private sector port facility that also would have brought several¬† thousand jobs to this region had Haley not decided to appease the State of Georgia’s taxpayer-funded port expansion plans instead?

Yeah …

Haley’s decision is clearly a loser economically … but it’s also shaping up to be a major loser for her politically.

Not only that, Haley’s three-sentence Facebook dismissal – which one veteran GOP activist referred to as a “late night drive-by shooting of 10,000 jobs” – is bound to positively enrage backers of the Lowcountry resort, whom Haley had previously told a vastly different story.