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SC Mayor Wants Voters To “Relect” Him To Office



Ah, rural South Carolina … where even the elected officials are borderline illiterate.

The latest example? Corrupt Swansea, S.C. mayor Ray Spires – who is running for re-election this coming Tuesday.

Well check that … in Spires case he’s running for “relection.” How do we know this? Because all of his 2013 yard signs (above) implore Swansea voters to “Relect” him.

Awesome …

Here’s what’s funny about this: It’s not just that Spires can’t spell “Re-elect” – it’s that no one on his campaign caught this error. Nor, apparently, did anyone at the print shop that produced these signs. Nor, apparently, did any of the people who placed them in front of their homes or businesses.

Sheesh … what a bunch of mouth breathers.

Anyway, score another one for the Palmetto State’s worst-in-the-nation government-run school system … but don’t worry, we’re sure just a little more taxpayer money will do the trick.