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Sources: Free Times Facing Financial Trouble



Multiple sources have confirmed to FITS that Columbia, S.C.’s alternative weekly newspaper – The Free Times – is in financial trouble.

We’re not sure just how bad things are, exactly, but a source at the paper has confirmed tips we received late last month about its poor financial health.

“It’s not good,” our source said.

That’s a shame …

Unlike¬†the city’s liberal, corporate-owned major daily – The Free Times does solid investigative journalism and doesn’t reflexively kiss the ass of the nearest elected official or government bureaucrat. Not only that it does a good job covering the city’s social scene – with excellent reviews of local restaurants, clubs, concerts, etc.

If the paper goes under. it will be a loss …

Portico Media SC of Charlottesville, Virginia sold the paper to Resorts Media LLC for an undisclosed price in December 2012.