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GOP Poll: Huge Support For Delaying Obamacare Mandate



A “Republican” poll leaked to The Washington Examiner finds that more than two-thirds of Americans support delaying the individual mandate portion of U.S. President Barack Obama’s socialized medicine law.

In case you forgot last year’s big Supreme Court ruling, that’s the part of the law requiring individuals to purchase health insurance or face fines of up to 2.5 percent of their income (in addition to Obamacare’s other tax hikes).

Compulsory participation in the marketplace, in other words …

According to the poll – conducted last week by GOP strategist Glen Bolger – 70 percent of registered voters support delaying the mandate due to the many problems associated with Obamacare’s rollout. Of those, 55 percent say they “strongly favor” such a delay.

Conversely, only 23 percent oppose the delay.

Obamacare’s rollout has been dogged by serious problems – most notably the epic failure of its website. Then there’s the fact at least 2 million Americans are losing their coverage as a result of the law’s implementation – something Obama promised wouldn’t happen under his plan.

That number is expected to soar in the coming months … far outpacing the number of those signing up for coverage under the government-run “exchanges.”

Here in South Carolina, the looming impact of Obamacare on Palmetto State residents will be the focus of a series of statewide hearings next week held by S.C. Sen. Tom Davis, a fiscally conservative opponent of the law.