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Lindsey Graham Is Getting Another Challenger



Liberal U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham (RINO-S.C.) is getting another challenger … but it’s not one of the big name fiscal conservatives being courted by national limited government groups.

Orangeburg, S.C. attorney Bill Connor – who ran for lieutenant governor in 2010 and SCGOP chairman in 2011 (unsuccessfully on both occasions) – is reportedly jumping into the race in the next few days.

We’ve written previously on the speculation surrounding Connor’s bid, but multiple grassroots sources tell FITS he is getting ready to pull the trigger. Connor’s prospective candidacy received a major kiss on the lips from The South Carolina Conservative, a blog written by GOP activist Javan Browder.

“Connor may be uniquely able to take Graham on and undercut his main base of support, the military/veteran block, and give Graham serious trouble on foreign policy matters in debate, something the other candidates lack the credentials and experience to do,” Browder writes.



He adds that “Connor is well liked and respected among the grassroots across the state, and being the only candidate to have previously run a statewide race could give him the edge with name recognition and organization if he enters the race.”

Hmmmm … that’s a pretty rosy assessment for a guy who got pummeled in his last race by this doofus.

“Connor also garners a lot of support from the Christian conservative and pro-life portions of the GOP electorate, likely giving him the widest overall GOP voter appeal of any of the Graham challengers,” Browder continues.

Really? We’ll have to see about that …

We don’t view the glad-handing Connor as a top tier candidate, but that doesn’t mean his candidacy could create problems for Graham.

Why? Because Connor is – as he is fond of pointing out ad nauseam – a combat veteran.

“Connor is perfectly suited to attack Graham on perhaps his most glaring vulnerability – the lies he told about his military service during the early stages of his political career,” we wrote recently.

Accordingly, his (likely) entry into the race is worth watching …

Graham is already facing three primary challengers – S.C. Sen. Lee Bright (R-Spartanburg), Lowcountry businesswoman Nancy Mace and Upstate social conservative businessman Richard Cash.