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K2 “Summit” Looks Intense



This website is addicted to K2 …

No, not the synthetic drug … we’re referring to the world’s second highest (and arguably its most dangerous) mountain. We’ve read several books on K2, and have previously covered expeditions attempting to reach its elusive summit.

Since it was first climbed in 1954 by an Italian expedition (which featured one of mountaineering’s most enduring controversies), only 300 people have made it to the top of K2 – and a quarter of them died on the way down. Many more died on the way up.

Now, K2 is the subject of an award-winning documentary by director Nick Ryan – who explores the tragic events surrounding the deadliest day on the “Savage Mountain.” On August 1, 2008 more than two dozen climbers made their way through the “death zone” to the top of the 8,611-meter peak. Eleven of them never returned. The film – entitled The Summit – chronicles their ill-fated journey via a mix of sweeping aerial images, actual video from the 2008 expedition, chilling recreations and interviews with survivors.

Here ‘s the trailer …

Wow …

That’s MUST watch stuff, people …

Critics have argued that Ryan’s film should have delved deeper into what drives climbers to risk their lives on treacherous peaks like K2.

Really? People climb mountains because they are there to be climbed. Simple as that.