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SC Welfare Agency Catches A Break



For the better part of the last three years this website has been exposing issue after issue at the S.C. Department of Social Services (SCDSS) – the Palmetto State’s grossly negligent welfare agency.

Led by Nikki Haley’s appointee Lillian Koller, the agency is facing mounting scrutiny of late over a wide range of issues – among them costly incompetence, inexcusable delayschild endangermentmanipulated data and more manipulated data.

Gradually the state’s bureaucrat-friendly mainstream media has been waking up to the problem, and this week The (Columbia, S.C.) State newspaper – the “slow zebra” of South Carolina’s MSM establishment – finally got in on the action.

According to the paper, a veteran child welfare case worker told a Senate subcommittee this week that Haley’s agency is basically one of the nine circles of hell.

“I have been in this business for over 30 years,” the case worker said. “And, honestly, I have never in my life been so scared or frightened for the safety of our children as I am today.”

Wow … that’s a pretty damning assessment.

Of course if anyone thought this incredibly important investigation was going to escape crass politicization by opportunistic establishment politicians … they were wrong.



Enter S.C. Sen. Joel Lourie (D-Richland).

“Something has gone wrong within the agency in the last year, terribly wrong,” Lourie said. “The consequences are tragic, and I think they have let the children of South Carolina down.”

First of all, “no sh*t, Sherlock.” Kids in South Carolina have been let down in every way imaginable under your watch for decades. Thank you for your penetrating insights.

More importantly … Joel Lourie? Really?

For those of you unfamiliar with Lourie, he’s the consummate two-bit liberal insider shyster … a Jewish Al Sharpton, if you will. Get between this hack and a television camera and you will be run over.

Lourie’s involvement in this probe means three things: 1) Facts and objectivity are about to go out the window, 2) The credibility of the investigation into SCDSS is in serious jeopardy, and 3) Nikki Haley and Lillian Koller are breathing a huge sigh of relief.

The sad part of all this? There are several GOP lawmakers – including S.C. Sen. Katrina Shealy, S.C. Rep. Jenny Horne and Rep. Kirkman Finlay – who have been digging into SCDSS for months. In fact sources at the agency tell FITS Shealy submitted a list of dozens of questions to the director’s office last week as part of her efforts to get to the bottom of its myriad problems. Meanwhile Horne requested a legislative audit of the agency way back in March.

Lourie’s lust for the spotlight now puts these legitimate inquiries at risk …

During the recent Greenwood tuberculosis scandal Lourie repeatedly proved that he cannot be trusted to tell the truth – and that his motivation for spewing half-truths and outright lies was all about scoring political points and elevating his own profile.

SCDSS is a disaster from top-to-bottom – and heads deserve to roll as a result of its rampant ineptitude and corruption. But the surest way to make sure that never happens is for Democrats to continue letting Joel Lourie take center stage.