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The Cable Company Is Desperate



Cancel your cable.

Seriously. Do it right now.

First of all there’s nothing good on cable anyway (expect college football) and you can always watch that at a bar – or at a friend’s house. You can get good movies, kids shows – even TV dramas and comedies – on Netflix and Amazon Prime (the latter of which we pimped out here).

But that’s not the real reason we’re telling you to cut your cable. The real reason we’re telling you to cut your cable because you can save as much as 40 percent on your current cable bill by … cutting your cable.

How? Because cable companies are desperate, that’s how.

We’ve talked to several friends recently who tell us they got massive discounts in their monthly bills by simply calling up their cable providers and threatening to bolt.

And not only did they get massive discounts, these new rates were locked in …

As it always is the American free market is evolving … and one of the most overpriced commodities on the market right now is home entertainment. As we noted back in April, “with cable and satellite bills running $100 per month or higher (and nothing really worth watching on those hundreds of channels), we can easily see bargain hunters increasingly hooking their massive high definition screens up to online-only content.”