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SCPRT Got Bounced



We’ve maintained for years that taxpayers should not subsidize tourism marketing efforts. If companies benefiting from tourism-related expenditures wish to market their services, they should do so – like any other business.

Government should have nothing to do with the process …

Unfortunately, South Carolina pumps tens of millions of dollars into tourism ads each year – money which might as well be flushed into the Atlantic Ocean (like this money). Also, this investment appears to be producing diminishing returns of late – making matters worse.

Anyway, the S.C. Department of Parks Recreation and Tourism (SCPRT) – an agency which should have been abolished years ago – is trying to collect $366,000 it is owed after a Greenville, S.C.-based public relations firm filed for bankruptcy.

The former CEO of the Bounce Agency – formerly Leslie Advertising – told a regional business publication he has no plans to repay the money, which went to purchase ads in publications like Southern Living, Better Homes and Gardens, Golf and Parents magazine.

This January, SCPRT entered into a $57 million deal with Bluffton, S.C.-based BFG Communications to handle similar contracts moving forward.