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Eric Holder Must Go



U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder flat out lied to the American people (again) when he bragged last October about the success of a U.S. Department of Justice (USDOJ) mortgage fraud task force. According to Holder, this task force charged 530 people with defrauding 73,000 homeowners out of $1 billion.

It turns out each one of those numbers was substantially exaggerated.

In reality, 107 people were charged with defrauding 17,000 homeowners out of $95 million. Not only that, many of the cases cited by the task force were actually initiated more than two years before U.S. President Barack Obama even took office.

After months of stonewalling the press – most notably Bloomberg reporter Jonathan Weil – Holder’s agency finally came clean last weekend, acknowledging it had “overstated the number of defendants as well as the corresponding estimated loss amount and number of victims.”

According to Weil, this is “the second time … that Holder’s Justice Department had pulled a stunt like this,” referring to a 2010 press conference for a separate financial fraud prosecution which also contained vastly inflated data.

Wow …

Is there anything this guy hasn’t lied about? Seriously … he lied about his agency’s “Fast and Furious” gun-running scandal (and tried to silence those who blew the whistle on it). He lied about the Benghazi affair. More recently, he’s lied about the federal government’s domestic spying initiative. He’s also making his boss a liar by refusing to prosecute a flagrant example of election fraud in South Carolina.

Eric Holder is the most powerful law enforcement official in America – as well as  least honest and most corrupt. That’s an exceedingly dangerous combination, if you ask us.

Holder should have been fired years ago for the “Fast and Furious” debacle, but Obama not only kept him on – he invited him back to serve as Attorney General during his second term. Such is life in the new American “thugocracy …” where even core functions of government like law enforcement have become corrupted beyond all recognition.