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Responding To Amy Lazenby



My intrepid associate opinion editor Amy Lazenby penned a thoughtful, strongly worded column this morning in which she basically called me a race baiter. Which I’m guessing isn’t too far away from calling me a full-fledged racist.

First, let’s look at what Lazenby had to say …

For starters, she wrote …

Recently this website’s founding editor has published several articles focused on race. One such racial theme has centered on a “thug” culture. This culture has supposedly run amok as black judges let black defendants out on bail for the sole reason that they are black – with absolutely no evidence that race played a factor in those decisions nor any consideration given to the fact that white judges across the state do the same thing with white (and black) defendants. That unsubstantiated charge is the same kind of race baiting that this website has consistently spoken out against when it comes from so-called liberal “race pimps” who use unsubstantiated charges of racism to advance a political agenda from the left.

Lazenby also opined that …

Conservative pundits who race bait are not actually trying to solve a problem; they’re not trying to address root causes. They want to create today a mythological gangster akin to Ronald Reagan’s notorious “welfare queen,” of the 80?s – a young black man who roams the streets of America’s cities with his friends, locked and loaded and ready to rob and shoot you or rape your wife or daughter.

Well, well …

Look, I don’t have to defend this website’s credibility when it comes to race-related issues because it’s a matter of public record. And should anyone choose to examine that record, they’ll quickly discover FITS has repeatedly exposed and consistently condemned race-based discrimination over the last six years – publishing dozens of exposes on the subject (including one just last week).

This website has also pulled no punches when it comes to calling out real race baiters … both white and black.

The editorial position of this website has always been that race-based discrimination perpetrated against anyone is morally wrong – not to mention inconsistent with the values of individual liberty and free market economics that form the cornerstones of my political ideology.

(For more on this editorial position, click here …)

Here’s the thing, though: Whereas most mainstream media outlets are quick to condemn racism perpetrated by whites, they are reticent – if not altogether incapable – of calling out black leaders when they display similar narrow-mindedness. That’s the difference between FITS and the other outlets: This website calls out everybody. Equally. Which I thought was the whole point …

Anyway, our story on the “thug life” judges was indeed strongly worded – but when people are dying due to judicial incompetence, strong words are required. If some people want to call that “race baiting,” they are welcome to do so.

My website’s consistent record on the subject is clear …


Will Folks
Founding Editor