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Smyth McKissick Hates American Consumers



An Upstate, S.C. textile magnate is attacking a proposed free trade deal with Vietnam – a last gasp of a dying empire bent on maintaining its profits at the expense of American consumers.

Smyth McKissick – who runs Easley, S.C.-based Alice Manufacturing – wants the government to tighten the language of a trade agreement with Vietnam to make sure Chinese textiles aren’t allowed into America tariff-free.

“U.S. manufacturing jobs are at stake and it’s critical our negotiators get this trade agreement right,” McKissick told a U.S. House subcommittee this week.

What’s he really saying though?

“Consumers be damned.”

McKissick – one of the wealthiest men in South Carolina – wants to continue padding his bank account by forcing us to pay too much for the shirts on our backs (and other items produced by the American textile industry). It’s as simple as that. And he wants our government to do his dirty work for him.

Pathetic …

It’s not the fault of American consumers that McKissick’s company cannot compete in the global marketplace. That’s his fault.

Memo to Smyth McKissick: It’s not 1923 anymore. Figure out how to build a better mouse trap … don’t force higher prices on us based on your inability to compete.

Of course we have a government which does the bidding of people like McKissick … which is one reason prices are so high and our nation is so chronically uncompetitive.


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