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Liberal SC Lawmaker Seeks Superintendent’s Job



S.C. Rep. Doug Brannon (RINO-Spartanburg) is making fundraising calls to his trial lawyer buddies in the South Carolina Upstate, attempting to build a base of financial support for a statewide political campaign.

According to our sources, the fiscal liberal is planning a bid for S.C. Superintendent of Education – whether incumbent Mick Zais seeks reelection or not.

One of a handful of “Republicans” in the S.C. House who has voted against expanded parental choices for South Carolina parents, Brannon is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Spartanburg, S.C. education establishment – one of the state’s most aggressive anti-free market bastions. In other words he would be a terrible choice for this position – which as we’ve noted in the past ought to be an appointed post, not an elected one.

Whoever wins this post has little power to do anything to fix our state’s chronic academic woes. That authority resides almost exclusively with the S.C. General Assembly and the state’s eighty-five government-run school districts.


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