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SC Courthouse Flooded



The deluge of rain seen across South Carolina over the last few weeks has flooded the Orangeburg County Courthouse, sources tell FITS.

Why is this a big deal? Because the basement of the building houses the offices of S.C. First District solicitor David M. Pascoe (which … you know … has evidence and case files and stuff).

How bad was it?

“One assistant solicitor’s office was in standing water while others had their carpet soaked,” one source told us. “The flood was discovered by Solicitor Pascoe when he came in Saturday morning to do some work. When Pascoe discovered the problem he immediately called ServPro who were able to prevent any major damage from occurring.”

According to one source, the flooding is the result of “a back-up in an outdated drainage system” that county officials have refused to fix.

Yikes …

Wonder how many criminals will go free as a result of this screw-up?

Somebody better call the Soggy Bottom Boys …

Anyway, we’ll be sure to keep tabs on this situation. Also, The (Orangeburg, S.C.) Times and Democrat is reportedly investigating the flood, so we’ll update our readers if there’s anything of note in their reporting …