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SC “Personal Touch” Creates Jobs? Please …



There’s an utterly ridiculous Associated Press puff piece out today which discusses how South Carolina’s “personal touch” is what convinced a Connecticut-based gun manufacturer to located roughly 100 low-paying jobs to our state at an as-yet-undetermined cost to taxpayers.

“When Connecticut gun maker PTR Industries was trying to find a new home, CEO Josh Fiorini got offers from about 40 different states, many of them with similar terms and incentives,” the AP puff piece recalls. “But South Carolina won out, thanks to the state’s relentless efforts to woo the company and its personal touch.”


We hate to break it to the rubes reading this mainstream media nonsense but South Carolina’s “personal touch” – which apparently consisted of Nikki Haley handing out her cell phone number and U.S. Rep. Tom Rice and his wife boozing it up with the company’s CEO – isn’t what landed this company.

Taxpayer-funded incentives – a.k.a. your money – is what landed this company.

In other words we bribed them to come here – by shifting the tax burden on existing South Carolina individuals and businesses, a strategy which has failed our state miserably over the course of the last decade.

Of course most people don’t know any of that because our mainstream media is more focused on glamorizing crony capitalism than exposing it for what it is … which is why we remain one of the poorest, dumbest states in America.


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