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More SC License Plate Craziness



This website has repeatedly ripped on South Carolina state government for its ridiculous policies regarding government-issued license plates. We’ve bashed the “coon hunter” tag, the “largemouth bass” tag and the ever-popular “Jesus is my homeboy” tag.

Why? Because the preponderance of specialty plates makes it harder for law enforcement to do their job, the selective approval of such plates opens the door to lawsuits and the debate itself keeps state leaders from focusing on more pressing issues.

South Carolina’s latest license plate foolishness isn’t just another redneck-themed specialty tag, though … it’s something much more disturbing.

According to reporter Robert Kittle of WSPA-TV 7 (CBS – Spartanburg, S.C.), state leaders are contemplating a costly new electronic license plate that would alert authorities when a tag has expired, or when a driver’s license or registration has been suspended. The tags – which currently cost $100 apiece – would also flash other messages, including “Amber Alerts” for missing children.

Astoundingly, s0-called “conservative” S.C. Rep. Ralph Norman (R-York) told WSPA he “liked” this Orwellian overreach.


This website led the charge a few years ago when local municipalities were attempting to use automated traffic “scameras” to issue tickets to passing motorists.

Electronic license plates are much worse than that …

We call on S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley – whose Department of Motor Vehicles (SCDMV) is responsible for doling out the state’s license plates and administering its network of vehicle registrations – to rebuke this Big Brotherism (and to reject the costly expense associated with it).

Technology must be used to enhance liberty, not diminish it – particularly at a time when our “Republican” leaders are making it much more expensive for South Carolina motorists to comply with the law (as part of an effort to make up for their failure to prioritize funding).


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