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Another Nikki Haley Agency Is In Trouble



S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley’s Department of Probation Parole and Pardon Services (SCDPPPS) is about to be the subject of a scathing new audit report revealing gross mismanagement and failure to account for nearly $4 million in recently appropriated funds.

“I’ve never seen an agency that is so poorly run,” a source familiar with the report tells FITS. “There is absolutely no institutional control whatsoever.”

The audit – which our sources say will be released by the S.C. Legislative Audit Council (SCLAC) this week – shows Haley’s hand-picked director Kela Thomas has a less-than-firm grasp over her agency’s finances. Specifically, Thomas cannot account for $3.8 million in funds appropriated to the agency by the S.C. General Assembly for the purpose of hiring new agents.

“They did hire agents, but they were hired to replace agents that already left,” our source says. “They didn’t hire any new agents at all. In short, there (are) millions of dollars that they cannot account for and, they were going to ask for millions more for new agents over the next three years.”

Wow …

Thomas has made headlines before – for her allegedly discriminatory hiring practices as well as her opposition to government restructuring proposals which would consolidate her agency with the S.C. Department of Corrections (SCDOC).

We support those consolidation proposals … and we thought Haley did, too. Apparently not, though.

In addition to the missing $3.8 million, the SCLAC audit is rumored to expose other damning details of Thomas’ mismanagement of the agency – both as director and during her time as its administrative head, during which a $325,000 fraud was perpetrated against taxpayers on her watch.

Yeah … and Haley appointed this incompetent, Barack Obama-loving liberal to lead this agency anyway? Exactly …

According to our sources, the SCLAC found evidence of discrimination at the agency – and its investigators “wanted to put that in there” but were overruled.

“She hates white people so much,” one source told us, confirming our prior reporting that Thomas “demands to see a photo of an applicant before she will approve a hiring decision.”

“Thomas routinely hires people that aren’t remotely qualified for their jobs,” another source familiar with the audit explains. “What she does (most of the time) is hire them as ‘temps’ (since there is no official hiring process for temps at SCDPPPS). Then, after their year as a temp, she makes them a (full time employee) – without this person sitting through a single legit interview or going through a real hiring process. She’s giving all of her black friends (and I mean…99.9 percent of them are black) jobs with the state.”

Again … wow.

Can’t wait to see how Haley – whose cabinet has been plagued by one disaster after another – responds to this latest cabinet disaster.

Oh, and in case you’re keeping score at home SCDPPPS is slated to receive $54.9 million of your tax money in the upcoming FY 2013-14 budget – $2 million more than it received in the current fiscal year.

UDPATE: The audit (and an executive summary of its findings) were just released … confirming our reporting.

UPDATE II: Looks like we found some of the “missing money … “