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On Gay Wedding Cakes



A gay couple in Colorado has filed a discrimination case against a bakery which refused to provide them with a wedding cake.

David Mullins and Charlie Craig, who were married in Massachusetts in 2012, wanted to get a cake from Masterpiece Cakeshop to celebrate their wedding with friends in Colorado. However the owner of the store, Jack Phillips, refused. His argument? That forcing him to bake a cake for a gay couple ran counter to his religious beliefs regarding homosexuality.

Mullins and Craig claimed that Phillips’ refusal left them “mortified and dehumanized.”

Really? This is ridiculous. As we’ve said on numerous previous occasions, government (state or federal) should not be in the business of telling individual churches who they can or cannot marry. Similarly, government should not be in the business of telling private businesses who they can or cannot serve.

That’s the job of the marketplace …

Personally we think it is nonsensical to turn down business on the basis of color, gender, creed, sexual orientation or any other factor – but Phillips is absolutely within his right not to bake a cake for Mullins and Craig. It’s the job of the marketplace to hold him accountable for decisions like that, not the job of government.

Homosexuals have an absolute, unambiguous right to equal protection under the law – i.e. the establishment of civil unions pursuant with those core functions government ought to perform – but this right does not extend to the private sector, nor should it ever trump the right of an individual business owner to refuse service if he or she chooses.

Such action is unwise – and wrong, in our opinion – but that doesn’t mean it should be outlawed.

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