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Gwen Rawls: Shoe Maven



We were recently turned on (and we mean turned on) to Gwen Rawls Shoes, an Italian shoe boutique located just around the corner from our founding editor’s home in downtown Columbia, S.C.

Now in the immortal words of Sir Mix-A-Lot, we’re “hooked an (we) can’t stop starin’.” And with good reason.

According to Rawls’ Facebook page, her Italian designs “are inspired by the music, art, and pop culture of the 1960s.” In other words its the sort of style that would fit right in with the current season of Mad Men, for those of you aficionados of the popular AMC television series.

Why do we care about women’s shoes? Because our founding editor has a serious shoe fetish people … one which makes Dom Woganowski’s little obsession in There’s Something About Mary look positively tame by comparison. In fact Sic’s love of the lady kicks has been known to dictate his all-powerful website’s editorial policy – making or breaking Palmetto political careers.

Anyway, here are a few of Sic’s favorites from Rawls’ line …

Oh, and if you’re interested in picking up some of Rawls’ fab creations for yourself (or a special someone in your life), click on the links below … or pay a visit to Rawls’ storefront location at 4840 Forest Drive.