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Kane: A Tennessee Body Slam?



Glenn Jacobs – better known by his World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) ring name “Kane” – is reportedly considering a Republican primary challenge to fiscally liberal U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander (RINO-Tennessee).

According to The Daily Caller – which has previously featured Jacobs’ commentary on its website – the 46-year-old masked marauder is being promoted by limited government advocates in Tennessee as “the man who can beat (Alexander)” in 2014. And while the 7-foot-0, 323-pound wrestling champ hasn’t said he’s running – he is making his distaste for Alexander abundantly clear.

“(Alexander) votes with President Obama 63 percent of the time, which is the highest percentage of any senator from the South,” he told the website, adding that “his performance has been abysmal.”

We agree …

Alexander – like U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham (RINO-S.C.) – might as well be a Democrat. In fact both of these left-leaning lawmakers voted in support of a massive $23 billion internet tax earlier this month – as well as the tax hikes associated with the “fiscal cliff” deal – the latest in a long line of anti-taxpayer, anti-free market votes.

They’re “Lincoln Chafee Republicans,” in other words.

Personally we’d love to see Kane make a run at Alexander’s seat … while he may come off as a meathead, he’s a vigorous proponent of the Austrian school of free market economics. Not only that he seems to have a clear handle on the hurdles associated with his celebrity candidacy – and the need for substantive policy it would entail.

Ideologically and strategically, those are good early signs of his political awareness …

Whoever winds up running in Tennessee, though, one thing is clear: Alexander must be defeated. If Kane can body-slam him (literally or at the ballot box), all the better.

This country simply will not survive without a credible alternatives to the big government/ crony capitalist/ welfare statist Washington, D.C. establishment – and if a pro wrestler can emerge as one of those alternatives, we’re all for it.


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