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SC Vets Up To No Good



This week an agricultural subcommittee of the “Republican-controlled” S.C. House of Representatives took up a controversial bill aimed at limiting the activities of non-profit animal rescue groups and shelters. The bill, introduced by Rep. Davey Hiott (RINO-Pickens), would basically ban non-profits from providing medical care at a reduced cost while limiting other care provided to animals.

Who profits from this bill? That’s easy: Veterinarians.

The South Carolina Veterinarians Association, led by one Patricia Hill of Simpsonville, S.C., has seen competition expand in the last few years for its members as a result of mobile vaccination clinics and rescue groups. The bill in question – which was allegedly drafted with little to no input from such shelters – is designed at eliminating competition.

You would think local vets would be appreciative of the thousands of animals that rescues have saved as potential vet clients, but they’re not – even though the S.C. Humane Society has made it clear it is against this bill.

What’s the bottom line here? Vets are afraid of competition … very afraid. These non-profits and municipal shelters are providing spay/neuter and vaccine services at a much lower cost then vets offer, and vets don’t like that.

Consumers on the other hand …

Anyway, the full S.C. House agriculture committee will take up this bill up at 8:30 a.m. on Thursday of this week. Of the eighteen members of the committee, we’ll find out who is a free market capitalist – i.e. who believes in competition without government intervention – and who will vote to limit economic freedom.

And if you aren’t sure what the byline is referring to, educate thyself with the iconic tune by George Clinton:


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