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Mick Mulvaney Issues Statement On IRS Scandal



WASHINGTON, D.C. – Representative Mulvaney released the following statement regarding the IRS scandal:

“It is impossible to exaggerate the extent to which the Internal Revenue Service scandal should anger – and frighten – every one of us. No matter our ideology, moving forward all of us will now wonder if we are being targeted by this supposedly “independent” agency on the basis of our political views. Rather than trusting our government to provide impartial service – and equal justice – we are now forced to ask ourselves whether we are getting a fair shake or being singled out as a result of what we believe.

I include myself amongst those with exactly those concerns, because earlier this month I received a so-called “Matching Notice” from the IRS. In more than 25 years of filing my taxes, I have never received one of those before. Ordinarily, I suppose I would easily dismiss the inquiry as part of the ordinary course of business at the IRS – but not anymore.

That’s the heart of this scandal – the total lack of faith in what should be a cornerstone of our democracy, the notion that every American has the right to expect fair and equal treatment under the law regardless of our political beliefs.

The recent revelations regarding the IRS should frighten everyone – everyone – whether we’re talking about Tea Partiers or members of the Sierra Club. After all if the Obama Administration is permitted to undertake these sorts of attacks without the severest of consequences, what is to stop a similarly inclined future Republican administration from using the full force of the government to go after groups they oppose?

This sort of activity cannot be allowed to stand, or to go unanswered. As a Member of Congress — and someone who now must wonder if he and his own family have been targeted — I am going to make it my business to get to the bottom of this travesty.”


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