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SC Native Vies For Cowboy Cheerleading Squad



As we contemplate the decline of the American Republic, there are a few holdovers from better managed eras that provide us the occasional comfort. These are points of longitudinal and latitudinal certainty on a cultural graph that has veered wildly into the abaxial – constants in a shifting desert.

Among those points? Medium rare bacon cheeseburgers, push lawnmowers, fantasy baseball, milkshakes that give you a brain freeze, black coffee, straight shift sports cars and cufflinks. Also on the list? The Dallas Cowboys cheerleading squad.

Don’t get us wrong: We can’t stand the Cowboys. Tony Romo? Please. We’re lifelong Indianapolis Colts’ fans, people. Our team has a quarterback.

But no matter what NFL team you cheer for … the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders are pure Americana. Like a lyric from a Mark Knopfler song or something.

Anyway … a South Carolina woman is currently trying out for the internationally renowned squad. Her name? Sallie Pierce – of Camden.

Take a look …

Niiiiiice …

To participate in the voting, click here. To take a look at Pierce’s audition page, click here.

Obviously we wish the former Miss Camden only the best of luck as she reaches for her dream …