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Mick Mulvaney: A “Walker” Talks



Virtually every “Republican” politician talks the talk … less government, lower taxes, blah, blah, blah.  Only a handful “walk the walk,” though, consistently voting to uphold elemental liberties and pro-taxpayer free markets.

Therein lies the disconnect that’s killing the GOP brand … a growing and seemingly incurable hypocrisy on fiscal issues.

One of the only elected officials consistently “walking the walk” in Washington is U.S. Rep. Mick Mulvaney – who took a moment earlier this month to participate in the unveiling of the “New Fair Deal,” legislation he authored which would eliminated vast swaths of corporate welfare from the federal budget. These of course are the crony capitalist subsidies “Republicans” have been doling out like candy for decades to the tune of more than $100 billion a year (at last count).

Anyway, Mulvaney gave a nice little speech on behalf of his bill recently – which was forwarded around in a mass email from the national advocacy group Freedomworks, which is supporting his bill.

Take a look …

From a messaging standpoint, that’s about as good as it gets (especially the first minute-and-a-half of the clip).

Mulvaney “spoke about how progressives have distorted the word ‘fair’ and why it’s important to both lower taxes and ensure every American has skin in the game,” Freedomworks’ Matt Kibbe said in his email.

Exactly …

So … why aren’t “Republicans” pushing policies in pursuit of this objective? And making this argument as they do? That’s easy: Because they don’t believe in the inherent fairness of the free market any more than Democrats do.

Which is why we’re done with them …

We tend to eschew discussions of rhetoric on this website because more often than not the people holding forth are hypocritical windbags. However in Mulvaney’s case his voting record has earned him the right to “talk the talk.”

And his rhetoric is instructive – while the legislation he’s pushing is yet another substantive pro-free market reform.

In fact if every Republican in Washington, D.C. lived these words and faithfully supported these reforms our country might have a fighting chance. As it is, though, each passing day moves our once-proud Republic one step closer to socialism (and the ash heap of history).