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Samuel Harms: SCGOP Botched Candidate Filing



So that guy running against S.C. Republican Party chairman Chad Connelly has released a web video.

And is that not the greatest lede to a political story ever written? We certainly think so …

Samuel Harms, the former Greenville County GOP chairman, accuses Connelly of culpability as it relates to last year’s “Ballot-maggedon” scandal – in which hundreds of candidates were removed from the ballot for failing to properly file their statements of economic interest.

Take a listen …

(Click to play)

Assuming you can get past the high school AV quality production and borderline incoherent sentence structure contained in this clip, does Harms have a point?

We don’t know and we don’t really care …

Remember, this is what we want “Republicans” to do.

UPDATE: For those of you who do care, it appears as though Harms has pulled the video from his YouTube page. Hmmmmm …


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