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Groper Alert: Joe Biden Is Coming To SC



U.S. President Barack Obama continues to avoid South Carolina like the plague, but he’s got no problem dispatching his No. 2 to the Palmetto State whenever local Democrats need a guest groper … err, speaker.

Biden – whose friskiness with the ladies was on full display earlier this year – will deliver the keynote address at the S.C. Democratic Party’s Jefferson/ Jackson dinner later this spring. The wanna-be 2016 presidential contender – who is spearheading the Obama administration’s “War on Guns” – has been enjoying an elevated profile of late. In addition to his crusade against the Second Amendment, the Delaware liberal also led the Obama administration’s negotiations during the fiscal cliff deal – which of course led to massive tax hikes for upper- and lower-income earners.

Neither of those efforts were mentioned in the S.C. Democratic Party release touting Biden’s appearance.

“Vice President Biden has been leading the fight to restore faith in the legislative process in Washington while at the same time protecting middle class families,” Harpootlian said in the release. “His steady hand has helped President Obama through some of his toughest challenges and he is an inspiration to all South Carolinians regardless of political affiliation.”

Wait … what?

Biden’s got a “steady hand” alright … two of them, actually.

Just make sure to keep them away from your guns, your money and your wife …