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SC Blog Down For The Count?



Two weeks ago, Chris Cillizza of The Washington Post released his list of the best state political blogs in America. And naturally, this website was on his list.

Also recognized? Palmetto Public Record, a liberal blog based in Columbia, S.C. Here’s the thing, though … as far as we can tell Palmetto Public Record hasn’t posted an article since February 6 – a span of 42 days (a.k.a. six weeks).

WTF? Has nothing happened in South Carolina politics requiring a left-of-center perspective in the last 42 days? Or is this blog like a submarine that’s “gone quiet” in order to avoid detection?

Or did S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley’s lawyers succeed in shutting the site down?

Obviously the Palmetto State’s “lamestream media” has that liberal perspective covered … but how can a blog claim to be a relevant voice in a particular marketplace when it hasn’t made a peep in six weeks?

Our point?

We have been … are … and will continue to be the only game in town.