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Letter: FITS Is A “Bag Of Bile”



Dear Editor:

I read your disgusting “article” “Holy City Sex Scandal” and I was appalled! Your little rag has no right to out a legislator when her sexual orientation, her previous marriage or her current relationship is not affecting her representation of her constituents, IT’S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

But you would rather try to create some controversy and notoriety for your pathetic little blog by attempting to embarrass and marginalize a public servant based on her sexual orientation. How repellant!

You must be a vile, vulgar, unloved, unfriendly, ill-educated, backwards, backwoods, repulsive & repugnant, sad & pathetic “human being.”

Your transparent attempt to hurt Ms. Condon failed, your story was incorrect, you didn’t check your facts and you didn’t contact Ms. Condon to verify any of this – all you’ve managed to do is expose yourself as the hateful, ignorant, bigoted bag of bile that you are! Shame on you!!

[email protected]

(This is a letter to the editor from a FITS reader. It does not necessarily reflect the editorial position of To submit your letter for consideration – anonymously or otherwise – click here).