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Ace Of Spades Rips Mark Sanford



Having been on the receiving end of criticism from Ace of Spades before, we know the national conservative website can bring the heat when it is so inclined. And now former S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford knows all about that, too …

While bought-and-paid-for whores like Erick Erickson of are jumping on Sanford’s “comeback” bandwagon in the South Carolina first congressional district, Ace of Spades is giving the scandal-scarred former governor no quarter. In fact in a pointed column which ran this week, they rip Sanford as a “nut job” who “cut out on his wife, kids an(d) the state I’m Governor of to screw my mistress in Argentina.”

That’s the hyperbole. Here’s the most substantive blow …

Sanford wasn’t some one in 435 member of the House when he had his personal crisis, he was the chief executive of a state. For better or worse, that’s a 24/7/365 on call thing. You can’t simply disappear and render yourself unavailable. That type of behavior permanently disqualifies (one) from holing any office of public trust again. End of story.

Um … holing? Ha!

That too …

The broader central theme of the Ace of Spades column is this: Forgiving Sanford for his personal failings (which it’s worth noting involved the expenditure of tax dollars) is one thing – rewarding him for those failings with his old seat in Congress is quite another.

We agree …

“Sanford is right that people make mistakes and forgiveness is a noble thing,” the site notes. “You can forgive a man his sins but you don’t have to validate him or his choices with election to the House of Representatives.”

Exactly … and if this narrative takes hold in the crowded first district race, Sanford could be in real trouble.