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Duncan Sends Back $200,000



U.S. Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) sent 15.2 percent of his congressional office budget – or around $200,000 – back to the U.S. Treasury during the most recent fiscal year. The second-term lawmaker says he wants the government to apply these funds to its $16.5 trillion debt.

(Good luck with that …)

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I try to run this office the same way I ran my small business,” Duncan said. “It’s important to apply to our Congressional Office the same common sense principles that we all use to manage our homes and our businesses. If the entire federal government did that, we wouldn’t be $16.5 trillion in debt.”

That’s true …

Duncan has sent money back to the Treasury both years he’s been in Washington, D.C. – over and on top of the 11 percent reduction in congressional office budgets in FY 2011 and 2012.

Good for him … this money obviously isn’t going to move the needle in a $3.6 trillion budget, but it’s the principle that matters. Not only is Duncan voting in a manner consistent with the best interests of taxpayers, he is being a good steward of the limited amount of tax dollars under his direct control.

“By operating within a budget, my office was able to cut spending again this year,” said Duncan.“Our country’s balance sheet shows what happens when we fail to live within our means. It’s been 1387 days since the Senate has passed a budget. During that time the national debt has increased by trillions of dollars. If individuals, families, and businesses can all use budgets to balance spending, why can’t the federal government?”

Again … good question.


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