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SC Gas Price Report: February 2013



The average price for an unleaded gallon of gasoline in South Carolina is $3.37 this month – up seventeen cents from last month. That figure is well below the national average of $3.61 – which climbed thirty-one cents per gallon from January.

Per usual, those figures are courtesy of the AAA Daily Fuel Gauge report.

After moving toward the middle of the national pack on fuel prices last month, the Palmetto State has regained its competitive edge. South Carolina’s gas is currently the sixth-cheapest in the nation – although as we’ve pointed out on numerous occasions our dirt poor population¬†pays a disproportionate share of its income on fuel costs (second only to Mississippi).

That’s why our website has repeatedly and emphatically rejected calls for an increase in the state’s gas tax.

What are gas prices like where you live? Post your experiences in our comments section below …


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