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Raw Milk Ban In SC?



raw milk

So far as we know we’ve never consumed a drop of raw milk in our lives (well, aside from being breastfed). Having said that, we have no problem with people who drink raw milk. And even if we did – how in the hell is it our business (or the government’s business) to tell people not to drink it?

It isn’t …

Despite fuzzy science used by the federal government (specifically these guys) to wage war on raw milk, numerous scientific studies have found it to be safe – not to mention a viable source of enzymes and probiotic bacteria.

Yet the feds still raid raw milk producers (like the Amish) in the name of protecting the public health – even as they permit the mass consumption of known toxins in other beverages. Does that make sense? Of course not …

Why, then, would the State of South Carolina want to ban it?¬†That’s a good question … one we should probably direct to the so-called “South Carolina Dairy Advisory Committee,” which is ratcheting up a classic special interest campaign to shut down the raw milk industry in the Palmetto State.

We rebuke such an effort and call on all state lawmakers – especially those who call themselves “conservatives” – to reject it. This is a textbook case of government attempting to shortchange our freedoms (and our free market) by buying off lawmakers on behalf of a narrow set of special interests – a.k.a. everything that’s wrong with the political process.

Even if raw milk were dangerous – which it isn’t – neither the federal nor state government has any business infringing upon people’s right to buy it, sell it and drink it. Similarly, the government has no right to tell a woman she can’t breast feed her child anywhere she damn well pleases.


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