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Peter McCoy Files For SC-1



CHARLESTON, SC – Conservative Republican State Representative Peter McCoy has filed the paperwork to seek election for Congress in South Carolina’s First Congressional District. After filing the qualifying paperwork, McCoy issued the following statement:

“Over the last year, my wife and I together have tackled difficult medical issues affecting our young daughter. While we now rejoice her improving health, my new fear is that she may grow up in a nation that will never recover from the state it is in today.

As a father who wants to preserve the American Dream for the next generation, I know we must fundamentally change the way Washington operates.

As a small businessman who makes payroll, balances budgets, and pays for health insurance – I know we must eliminate the out-of-control, anti-business regulations on our job creators.

Career politicians have burdened our children with $16 trillion of debt; that is morally wrong. I’m running for Congress to lower taxes, reduce the debt, and balance the budget.

We won’t put America back on a path to prosperity if we send the same career-minded politicians who place titles above principles. We need a fresh-faced conservative like Tim Scott who is passionate about returning our government to the people; I am that person.”

Peter McCoy is a former criminal prosecutor. He was elected in 2010 to represent South Carolina’s barrier islands. Since his election, McCoy has been one of the State House’s strongest leaders in ending wasteful spending and creating jobs. McCoy was named a “Taxpayer Hero” by the budget watchdog Club for Growth and was recognized as the Lowcountry’s strongest free enterprise representative by the South Carolina Business and Industry Political Education Committee. Additionally, McCoy was one of only six SC Representatives to vote for all pro-jobs bills supported by the SC Chamber of Commerce.


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