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Nikki Haley Airplane Drama



us airways nikki haley incident

S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley and her political team were involved in an “incident” on a U.S. Airways flight after the governor was addressed by one of her former lovers, sources tell FITS.

The governor – along with her 2014 campaign manager Tim Pearson and fundraiser Marisa Crawford – was traveling on U.S. Airways flight 1182 (from Charlotte, N.C. to La Guardia Airport in New Jersey) when lobbyist Larry Marchant attempted to speak to her.

According to witnesses, a red-faced Pearson leapt into the aisle after Marchant said “hello” to Haley – yelling at the lobbyist and instructing him to return to his seat (which we’re told was literally right across the aisle from the governor’s entourage). Marchant – who was reportedly stowing a bag in an overhead compartment – was also told to return to his seat by Haley’s security guard.

At one point, though, we’re informed that Haley’s security guard had to restrain Pearson and reassure airline employees that the situation was under control.

FITS has reached out to both Haley’s office and Marchant seeking comment … we’ll let you know what we hear back.

In June 2010 Marchant confessed to having a one night stand with Haley in a hotel room in Salt Lake City, Utah. Months later he signed an affidavit attesting to the veracity of his version of events.

“After a night together of dinner and drinks with other participants of the conference, Representative Haley and I returned to the hotel together,” Marchant wrote in his sworn statement. “We went back to her room where we had sexual intercourse and I spent the remainder of the evening. I left her room at approximately 6 a.m.”

Haley has denied Marchant’s claims – and all allegations of infidelity – but she has refused to sign an affidavit and has not filed suit against any of her accusers. She has gone after Marchant professionally, however, costing him his lucrative position as lead lobbyist for health care concern Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina.


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