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Dear Editor,

I know you are as sick of the Michael Haley going overseas thing as I am. But his deployment to Afghanistan is a touchy subject as I have found out – you get accused of being non-patriotic if you criticize it. Nikki Haley got Michael the job he has now. He has found ways to participate in all the junkets Nikki Haley has taken so far (Paris, Japan, etc.).

I personally think that if Nikki pulled some strings – Michael (or whatever his name is) would not be going overseas. I think she arranged to whole thing because it will look good for her and she thinks it will help her get reelected.

I still want to get a pool together to see how many times in her speeches Haley mentions the fact that she is a military wife with her husband deployed overseas – even though he is only deployed as a farmer. We will NEVER hear the end of Nikki Haley being a military wife!!

I have been a civilian contractor overseas – no big deal. An I can assure you Michael Haley is in no danger unless he cuts his toe off with a hoe!





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