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The iWatch: For Real?





After years of residing exclusively in the PC world, our founding editor Will Folks (a.k.a. Sic Willie) has become a loyal Apple owner over the last year. His current “mothership” is a 2012 iMac, but he’s also got an iPhone 4S, a third generation iPad and a fifth generation iPod.

“Best technology decision I ever made,” he says in reference to his switch to Apple products.

Sic is not an Apple freak (or “Cult of Mac” member) by any stretch of the imagination … in fact he’s not even sufficiently loyal to put one of those Apple stickers on his car. Also a rather attractive MILF recently let him explore her Galaxy (the Samsung phone, people) and there may have been a twinge of jealousy going on there …

But Apple is on top ($200 billion in annual revenue) for a reason – the company not only makes amazing devices, it makes people want those devices desperately. And not just want them generally – but specifically the very latest models of the very latest products Apple releases. Take the rumored “iWatch,” a portable electronic device that users would wear around their wrists.

“Apple is reportedly exploring development of a watch-like product,” reports, noting that “wearable computers are widely believed to be the next computing fad” and that Apple could be looking to test this market – possibly as soon as next year.

Seasoned Apple users already know which questions that are likely to follow: What kind of chip will the devices contain? How much data can they hold?  Will they feature a retina display? What colors are available? How much do they cost?

Oh … and what do you use them for? Other than telling time, obviously …

This latest evolution in gadgetry intrigues us, but whether it evolves into a game-changer, “iPhone killer,” (or the latest excuse to not watch where you’re going) remains to be seen. What do you think? Vote in our poll and post your thoughts in our comments section below …


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