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Kate Upton Is Just In Time



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We’ll be honest: We needed Kate Upton today. In the worst possible way.

The world has gone a little crazy, people. A lot crazy in fact. The economy remains in limbo, and our government is printing money it doesn’t have to borrow money it doesn’t have to spend money it doesn’t have – and now the administration of Barack Obama is coming for our guns to make sure we can’t do anything about it.

Desperately in need of something to revive our faith in America, Hollywood photographer Terry Richardson has come through for us in a big way – serving up ten new (or at least new to us) pictures of 20-year-old blond bombshell Kate Upton.

God bless him, right? Obviously Richardson has photographed Upton previously … but never quite like this. In fact his latest set is probably the hottest we’ve ever seen the St. Joseph, Michigan native – which is saying something considering Upton was recently named to our founding editor’s famous “Top Five Hotties” list (where we suspect she’ll remain for the next few decades).

Not only do we have the obligatory see-thru swimsuit and wet T-shirt shots of Upton, but Richardson appears to have staged the shoot at the same California mansion where the late Marilyn Chambers shot the famous lesbian scene in her 1980 hit Insatiable.

Or maybe that’s just our overactive imaginations at work …

Either way, God Bless America. Love you. Mean it …



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