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Mick Mulvaney For U.S. Senate




The more we think about who should replace U.S. Sen. Jim DeMint in Washington, D.C., the more convinced we’ve become that the best person for the job is U.S. Rep. Mick Mulvaney.

Obviously Mulvaney isn’t the only solid pick out there – U.S. Rep. Jeff Duncan or State Treasurer Curtis Loftis would also be great – but Mulvaney gets our nod because we believe he best embodies DeMint’s unimpeachable pro-free market, pro-liberty credentials as well as DeMint’s willingness to buck the leadership in his own party.

Seriously … it’s not enough to vote the right way anymore.  In addition to that, we need leaders who are willing to call out fiscal liberals in both parties.  Like DeMint has done.

Mulvaney will do that – and then some.  And trust us … given the direction in which the GOP leadership is moving, we need fiscal hard liners like him in positions of power now more than ever.

In addition to being an heir to DeMint ideologically and politically, Mulvaney is battle tested.  After surviving a brutal State Senate race four years ago, he withstood a ferocious barrage of negative campaigning to defeat 28-year incumbent (and powerful House Budget Chairman) John Spratt by a whopping 10-point margin in 2010.

He’s accomplishing these feats in one of the Democratic Party’s few South Carolina strongholds, too.  In fact just last month this unapologetic free market backer won reelection to this longtime Democratic seat by a 15-point margin.

Talk about a fiscal conservative who knows how to take his case to voters in both parties …

The knock on Mulvaney?

“He’s an asshole,” one Washington insider put it bluntly.

Hmmmm … and that’s supposed to be a bad thing?

We’ve hung out with Mulvaney on several occasions and have never gotten that vibe from him.  He’s incredibly direct and has a low tolerance for bullshit, that’s for sure – but be honest: Isn’t that kind of personality exactly what the current situation calls for?  Do we really want another glad-handing fiscal liberal when want the current debate desperately needs is someone willing to dispense with the pleasantries and get down to the business of staking out a more fiscally responsible path forward for our nation?

Exactly … which leads us to our real reason for endorsing Mulvaney: He is charting precisely such a path on a daily basis in Washington.

As a member of the Republican Study Committee, Mulvaney helped craft an alternative budget that included hundreds of billions of dollars in cuts.  He’s also taken the politically courageous position of supporting a freeze in military spending – while (along with Duncan) opposing pork barrel corporate cronyism in his home state.

These are precisely the kind of positions that lawmakers must take if we are ever going to truly resolve our nation’s spending problem.

Talk is cheap in politics – as are labels.  And let’s be honest: Politicians have self-labeled themselves to the point where words like “Republican,” “conservative” and “Tea Partier” lack any real meaning.

That’s why S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley needs to use her appointment power and replace one “genuine article” with another.  And of the small handful of “genuine articles” in South Carolina who fit the bill, Mick Mulvaney is at the top of that list.

Haley has been nothing short of a disaster on fiscal issues (and most other issues) since taking over as governor.  She’s sold our state’s competitive interests down the river, totally botched her cabinet and supported massive spending increases at the state level.

Appointing Mick Mulvaney to the U.S. Senate won’t undo all of the damage she’s done, but it would be a solid step in the right direction.


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