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SC Guns Gone Wild!




We were recently forwarded a tip from one of our anonymous sources requesting that we expose the failure of the S.C. Department of Revenue (SCDOR) to collect taxes from unauthorized gun sales.

“Gun show and sale events occur almost every weekend at convention centers and shrine clubs across the state,” our source asserted.  “Hundreds of vendors and gun dealers conduct hundreds of thousands of dollars in transactions that are for the most part not taxed.  Most (not all) dealers have no retail license and don’t collect or pay sales tax to the Department of Revenue.”

The source added that they have complained to SCDOR, filed the appropriate paperwork to initiate a formal investigation and yet “no one has done anything.”

Hmmmm … imagine that!  Of course SCDOR has been incredibly busy lately …

Here’s the thing, though … this could be one of those rare instances in which government laziness actually turns out to be a good thing.  If it is indeed true that “hundreds of thousands of dollars in (gun) transactions” are taking place illegally across South Carolina – with SCDOR being none the wiser – so what?

We support off-the-books transactions … and off-the-books gun ownership.  Seriously … more power to the people buying and selling these guns.  We hope their industry prospers – and that S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley’s preoccupied bean counters continue to keep their grubby mitts off of this money.

Think we’re crazy?

Consider this:  If the federal government can run guns, if state government can cough up our bank info to the mob and if local government can rob us blind by rigging elections … then it seems to us that private citizens are perfectly within their rights when it comes to conducting transactions like these.

Freedom and free markets, people … if your leaders won’t protect them (and trust us, they won’t), then you have to protect them yourself.


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