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Our friends over at The Voice have a great post up this week highlighting a fundamental disconnect in the debate over education funding in South Carolina.

It’s obviously no secret that the tax burden associated with the Palmetto State’s worst-in-the-nation government-run schools keeps escalating (as our students’ academic performance keeps deteriorating).  One reason for this?  A total lack of accountability in how our tax dollars are being spent.

While overpaid educrats have plenty of money for summer vacations, teachers in the classroom are forced to pay out-of-pocket for basic instructional supplies.  B.S., right?  Of course it is … yet these bureaucrats continue to get a hall pass from our state’s mainstream media while those of us pushing for market-based reforms (i.e. school choice) are demonized.

Even though these bureaucrats are profiting, the mainstream press insists that they are working “for the children.”  And even though the passage of school choice wouldn’t add a dime to its defenders’ bottom line, we are nonetheless branded as “self-serving special interests.”

Par for the liberal media course, sadly …

Anyway, according to The Voice several of the state’s largest school districts have been “boosting bureaucratic spending on the taxpayer tab” at a much higher rate than they have been increasing classroom spending.  These are the same districts, mind you, that are also sitting on hundreds of millions of dollars in cash reserves … despite the fact that they have not one but three steadily increasing, dedicated taxpayer-funded revenue streams (federal and state tax dollars, as well as local property tax revenue).

The worst offender?  Greenville County, S.C. – where administrative costs rose by nearly $50 million from 2005-11 (roughly twice the increase in instructional funding).  Incidentally, Greenville’s cash reserves have also been skyrocketing in recent years.

To learn more about this disconnect, check out the article by clicking on the link below … it’s worth a read!