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Jakie Knotts Loses It




S.C. Sen. Jakie Knotts (RINO-Lexington) erupted into a “profanity-laced tirade” this week – allegedly cursing at a female receptionist for a pro-Second Amendment group that endorsed his opponent, Katrina Shealy.

“Sen. Jake Knotts’ anti-gun message is clear: He is fine with taking credit for pro-gun bills, and then turning around and killing them behind the scenes,” the National Association for Gun Rights wrote in an email to South Carolina voters. “He thinks gun owners like you aren’t paying attention to the fact that his committee is the graveyard for pro-gun bills.”

“When you demanded transparency from anti-gun politicians by requiring them to take on-the-record votes, Sen.Knotts went on a rampage to funnel those proposals to his
legislative death panel,” the group added.

Apparently those words did not sit well with Knotts – one of several “Republicans in Name Only” in the South Carolina Senate who is facing extinction this election cycle.

“Jake went ballistic with his filthy mouth while talking to the female receptionist at the National Association for Gun Rights,” the website Brushfires For Liberty is reporting. “He called up and let loose a flood of abusive and profane language on the receptionist at the NAGR instead of waiting to hold his tirade for the people in charge.”

NAGR is confirming that account.

“Sen. Knotts called our office yesterday to talk about his anti-gun voting record,” a spokeswoman at the organization says in an email. “When our receptionist simply asked why he was calling, he went on a profanity-laced tirade that will outrage you! ‘F*#&ing gun rights!’ he yelled at her, amidst a slew of other angry words.”

This website has already endorsed Shealy in this race – not because of Knotts’ potty mouth or his two-faced “advocacy” on behalf of gun bills, but because we believe Shealy would do a better job of protecting our tax dollars.  Also Knotts is one of several Midlands, S.C. politicians allegedly mixed up with the “Lexington Ring,” a cabal of corrupt politicians and crooked cops that are under federal investigation for their involvement in an illegal video poker operation.

We’ve also endorsed Republican DeeDee Vaughters and petition candidate Joe Thompson in a pair of other races that involve reform candidates running against status quo incumbents.