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SC Club For Growth Hits Nikki Setzler On “Family Values”



Dear Concerned South Carolinian,

In an earlier video (here) we showed how Senator Nikki Setzler claims to be a fiscal conservative but is far from it. Today we are releasing a video explaining that when Senator Nikki Setzler says he has family values, he should be a little more specific.

The video below shows that  portions of Senator Setzler’s significant government income seems to be related to his son-in-law’s promotions within local government.  We also look into whether or not Setzler helped his son-in-law get those promotions.  While we don’t know who scratched who’s back first, both of their government incomes seem to be on the rise.

Don’t forget, this self-proclaimed “fiscal conservative” also charges taxpayers $131 a day for a hotel room when he can likely see the Statehouse from his porch.

After 35 years of these “family values”, we think it is time that taxpayers tell Senator Setzler we can’t afford them any longer.

Let’s get to work,

Phillip Cease


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