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Thad Viers Is A Boob Man …




Former S.C. Rep. Thad Viers – whose political career ended in dramatic fashion earlier this year – has embarked on a new career.  And no, it’s not porn (not yet).

“Some already know, but I wanted to announce that a few weeks ago I took the Chief Operating Officer position at Carolina Coastal Plastic Surgery with Steve White M.D.,” Viers wrote on his Facebook page earlier this week.

The notorious Lothario – who has been romantically linked to some of South Carolina’s most attractive women – was a favorite to win the newly drawn seventh congressional district before his bid was derailed by allegations of harassment involving his ex-girlfriend Candace Bessinger.  Those allegations eventually forced the young lawmaker to resign his seat in the S.C. House of Representatives.

(Not familiar with this drama? Click hereherehereherehere and here to bring yourself up to speed. Oh … and click here too, but only if you’re nasty).

Viers’ case is still pending resolution, incidentally.

Even as he embarks on his new career, Viers continues to engage the political process in South Carolina – promoting various candidates and offering his (often unconventional) views on state and national issues.  In fact Viers caused a stir earlier this year during our 2012 election night “live blog” when one of his former congressional supporters sent him a provocative pic of her cleverly placed “I Voted” sticker (which he was kind enough to forward our way).

Will he ever get back into politics?

Obviously that depends on the outcome of his case … but for now it looks as though he’s got his hands full with other things (ba doom … CHING).