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Megan Wines Will Be On The List



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By FITSNews || We know it’s taking longer than expected but our “Carolina’s hottest lawyer” list is finally starting to come together … and we mean it this time.

In fact, after getting sidetracked for nearly a month as a result of our founding editor’s Nikki Haley-related career implosion, we’re pleased to say that Sic Willie has recovered sufficiently to dispatch his minions across the state in an effort to collect pics from the various hotties on our list.

(Bronwyn McKnew, you’re next!)

Anyway, today we’re taking another dip into the public sector talent pool (after it yielded such satisfying results last month with the discovery of the lovely Catherine Anderson in Florence).  Specifically, we’re commending to your attention the lovely Megan Wines, who is currently serving as assistant S.C. Attorney General in the office of Henry McMaster.

And yes, Megan can haul us before a statewide grand jury anytime!

We’ve sent inquiries in an effort to determine if Megan would be interested in sitting for an interview/ photo shoot with us, so keep your fingers crossed on that front.  Until then, enjoy this sneak peek at one of our state’s hottest prosecutors …

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