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Barack Obama Blasts GOP Fearmongerers … Then Fearmongers Himself




|| By FITSNEWS || U.S. president Barack Obama is assailing critics of his administration’s nuclear deal with Iran.

“I know it’s easy to play on people’s fears, to magnify threats … but none of these arguments hold up,” Obama said during an address at American University.

Really?  All we know is Iran’s ruler – Hassan Rouhani – referred to the deal Obama negotiated as an “answered prayer.”  That can’t be good.

More to the point: In the same speech Obama blasted critics for “playing on people’s fears,” he engaged in … wait for it … the exact same fearmongering.

“Let’s not mince words,” Obama said.  “The choice we face is ultimately between diplomacy or some form of war.  Maybe not tomorrow, maybe not three months from now, but soon.”

Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran has been broadly pilloried by the full spectrum of “Republican” presidential candidates … and conservative leaders.  It’s also been blasted by Israel, which continues to rely heavily on U.S. taxpayers to subsidize its war machine.

As noted, this website has never bought into the Iran scaremongering – no matter its origin.  Nor do we especially give a damn what happens to Israel – a nation which continues to bark orders at the United States (as it remains dependent upon American taxpayers).

The whole Middle Eastern question (like the Eastern European question or the South China Sea question) should not be our concern.

“We can’t afford to intervene all over the planet,” we wrote back in July when Obama concluded his deal.  “And even if we could, such intervention isn’t making us safer.”