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Palmetto Family Group Targets USC-Upstate



A socially conservative advocacy group is targeting another South Carolina college for selecting a “required reading” book it deems inappropriate.

The Palmetto Family Council – which has been leading the opposition to a controversial required reading book at the College of Charleston – is now highlighting a book chosen by the University of South Carolina-Upstate.

The book – Out Loud: The Best of Rainbow Radio – focuses on a “a small radio studio in the heart of the Deep South” that lends its voice to gays and lesbians looking to tell their stories.

What sort of stories? From USC-Upstate’s promotional page … 

Citadel cadets and drag queens, a slam poet from Columbia and a Spartanburg school teacher, a seminary student in Atlanta and a gay Army vet just back from the Middle East, West Columbia rednecks and rural Texas tomboys, as well as South Carolina’s first lesbian Congressional candidate. A young man talking about his gay uncle and a retired attorney talking about her gay son. Two boys who dare to dance at the prom, a psychic who may be attuned to the gay agenda, and a dying man who makes his last visit to church on Christmas.

In an action alert to its subscribers, Palmetto Family Council blasted the book.

“The University of South Carolina Upstate is taking its own shot at traditional South Carolina values using taxpayer and family tuition dollars,” the email noted.

As we noted in our original report on this scandal, we have no problem with gay and lesbian-themed books. What do we have a problem with? Government-funded higher education …

“If (government-funded institutions) were permitted to pursue their destinies in the private sector, it would be up to the marketplace to determine the appropriateness (or inappropriateness) of their summer reading selections,” we wrote.

Yeah …