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Letters: A Proposal To Cut South Carolina State Spending

“It’s time for a radical proposal …”

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Dear Editor,

The state of South Carolina is controlled by the Republican Party in the executive and legislature branches of government – including a supermajority in the S.C. General Assembly.  Despite these advantages, the Republicans (who claim to be conservative) have continued to expand our government.       

What kind of “Republicans” are these? I tell you what they are: They are fakes, hypocrites, and scam artists. A few rare exceptions exist, of course, but very, very few in my humble opinion.     

Thousands of years ago, Almighty God warned the Israelis not to put a king other than himself over them.   Thankfully our founding fathers listened to the Lord’s advice by placing limitations on the size of our government.  Unfortunately, our elected crooks have learned since then that they can buy votes by robbing taxpayers to dole out benefits to their constituents. I think its time to end that with a radical proposal that I hope FITSNews will get behind and promote.    

I therefore propose massive cuts in state spending: 

  1. Eliminate all state funding for local colleges and universities. I find it crazy that a conservative state like South Carolina is supporting all of these colleges and universities that have liberal professors indoctrinating our children. 
  2. Eliminate special tax breaks to lure businesses to the state (i.e. tax breaks for Volvo.) 
  3. Privatize or close ETV if there are no buyers. State-sponsored television is not a core function of the government. 
  4. Privatize Santee Cooper. This state-owned company is extremely mismanaged (a multi-billion hole in the ground where two nuclear reactors were supposed to be comes to mind).
  5. Eliminate the Art Commission. 
  6. Eliminate the Department of Housing. 
  7. Eliminate the Department of Commerce. 
  8. Eliminate Department of Workforce – including the unemployment benefits it pays out. If people weren’t taxed so much, they might be able to set aside money to pay their expenses if they were to lose their jobs. Instead the government robs people of the ability to save for rainy days. 
  9. End all welfare benefits paid for by the state whether some of the money comes from federal/state government or wholly from the state. Welfare creates a cycle of poverty where people do not do what is necessary to get out of it in many cases. It also rewards bad behavior such as drug use, alcoholism, having children out of wedlock and not working. Lastly, charity should come from the heart and not from the government holding a gun to my head forcing me to pay taxes to help. 
  10. Cut funding for all underperforming teachers and schools. Allow school choice. 

FITSNews is the only bastion of media reporting about small government and the corruption within the system in South Carolina while all the other local media outlets report what I call “junk news.” I sincerely hope that FITSNews will begin to heavily promote discussion and dialogue regularly about having deep cuts in spending while heavily cutting taxes (ideally eliminating many taxes altogether such as state income taxes). 


A long-suffering South Carolina taxpayer



Dear taxpayer,

We try not to argue with people when they are correct – and as regular readers of our media outlet are well aware, we have endorsed most of the proposals you have outlined above. Thank you for submitting this letter – and thank you for your kind words about our reporting. We will do our best to keep it up!



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No Name February 22, 2024 at 5:16 pm

This person is so serious about this proposal they won’t put their name to it.

stotte February 23, 2024 at 1:33 pm

Whether you like it or not, that is not the country you’re living in anymore. No one, old, young, wants no welfare programs. The old obviously don’t want to lose their social security and other retirement benefits, the young want the state to pay for everything on their behalf. You can either live in reality or you can live in lala land, like the progressives do where they pretend their utopia is or can be real.

jbl1a February 25, 2024 at 10:57 am

Govt is your god now. People are incapable of doing for themselves. We have fallen quickly.


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